Additional Calibration Services

Microscope Preventive Maintenance Service

Service begins with a thorough inspection and cleaning of eye pieces, optics, condenser, stage, stage adjustment knobs, and lamp. The stage area is lubricated. The microscope is given a good general cleaning and a PM label with the next service due date is affixed. A comprehensive report is provided detailing the as-found condition, the maintenance performed on the instrument, and the as-left condition.

Timing Devices and Stopwatches

Timing devices and stopwatches are calibrated by the comparison method with instruments traceable to the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST). Specifications and tolerances are those published by the manufacturer unless specified otherwise. Standard calibration includes comprehensive calibration documentation and a calibration label affixed to the instrument. Calibration procedure is per NIST 960-12 and NIST Handbook-44

Centrifuge Calibration

Centrifuges are calibrated by checking the rotation speed using a NIST- traceable photo-tachometer. Units equipped with timing devices are also tested by direct comparison with a NIST-traceable stopwatch. Temperature verification of refrigerated centrifuges are available upon request. We perform a safety inspection of the instrument prior to beginning work. A general cleaning and calibration are performed then a calibration label with customer- specified expiration interval is affixed to the instrument and a comprehensive calibration report is provided.